Geng Shuo Leads the Wave of Intelligent Transformation and Accelerates the Development of the Cross-border E-commerce Industry

September 13 19:28 2023

In recent years, the cross-border e-commerce industry has experienced a shift from booming development to refined operation. The rapid development of the cross-border e-commerce industry is continuously promoting the digitization of global trade and the facilitation of international exchanges. How to utilize intelligent technology to further improve operational efficiency and provide better support for business development has become an important issue for the cross-border e-commerce industry. In this field, Geng Shuo, an operation and management expert in China’s cross-border e-commerce field, has promoted the innovative application of a series of intelligent solutions by using advanced operation concepts and technological means, which not only provides efficient and convenient operation and management tools for enterprises, but also leads the wave of intelligent transformation in the industry.

As the Chairman of Hebei Chengxin Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd., Geng Shuo has in-depth research on cross-border e-commerce, cross-border logistics, cross-border marketing and other fields. Under his leadership, Hebei Chengxin Import and Export Trade Co., Ltd. has been growing day by day and has established extensive business cooperation with APEC economies, and has successfully carried out a number of cross-border trade cooperation projects with well-known enterprises, such as the Australian national luban Homes company and the Malaysian national GOLD MA SDN.BHD company. Geng Shuo’s excellent operation and management capabilities in overseas business expansion and cross-border cooperation have ensured the company’s sustainable growth and international competitiveness.

“As a new type of foreign trade, cross-border e-commerce requires overcoming domestic and international differences and risks to provide efficient services. Therefore, the cross-border e-commerce logistics industry needs to keep up with the times and continuously improve its technology and management to meet the rapidly growing demand for cross-border e-commerce. And as a cross-border e-commerce management expert with overseas study experience, I am able to understand and analyze domestic and international market information more quickly, and I should moreover shoulder the mission of leading the industry’s technological innovation.” For the future development needs of the cross-border e-commerce industry, Geng Shuo sees farther, thinks more, and puts in more effort.

He is well aware of the importance of informatization to cross-border e-commerce, and is also clear about the current shortcomings in the industry. In order to make digital tools better serve cross-border e-commerce, Geng Shuo is committed to developing a series of technical achievements to meet the needs of cross-border e-commerce intelligence. Through the “Cross-border E-commerce Customer Behavior Prediction Model Stability Detection System”, he has improved the enterprise’s ability to accurately analyze customer behavior, and helped the enterprise to realize the rational allocation of resources and the refined management of customer operations. Through the “Cross-border E-commerce Data Optimization Engine Operation and Maintenance Support Regulatory Service System”, he provides efficient and reliable operation and maintenance support and regulatory services to help enterprises optimize their cross-border e-commerce data processing and management capabilities, and ensure the stability and security of the system, so as to achieve the enhancement of cross-border e-commerce operation efficiency. These intelligent achievements not only enhance the operational efficiency of enterprises, but also provide important support for their strategic decisions, and have achieved remarkable results and reputation in the industry.

Geng Shuo believes that the competition in the cross-border e-commerce industry is getting more and more intense, and enterprises need to accurately predict customer behavior and make corresponding decisions in order to be invincible in the market. Based on this understanding, Geng Shuo developed “Cross-border E-commerce Customer Behavior Prediction Model Stability Detection System”, which provides enterprises with comprehensive customer behavior analysis and prediction functions. By collecting and analyzing a large amount of data in the field of cross-border e-commerce, and applying advanced algorithms and models, the system can accurately predict customers’ purchasing behaviors, preferences, and needs, and help the enterprise sector formulate a better business strategy and resource allocation, realizing the unity of long-term and short-term plans. At the same time, the system also has a learning module that adjusts the parameters and optimizes the prediction model in real time, analyzes user needs and market laws from different angles, makes the prediction conclusions closer to the actual situation, and applies the prediction results to specific businesses. At present, the system has been successfully promoted and applied to dozens of enterprises, and effectively helps enterprises to predict customer behavior in advance, flexibly adjust business strategies, respond to market competition with a more proactive attitude, and enhance the conversion rate of enterprise customers, realizing a 20% increase in the average level. According to statistics, this achievement is highly popular in the industry, and the favorable rate of enterprise users to the system is as high as 98.5%.

According to cross-border e-commerce industry research experts, the advanced features of a series of cross-border e-commerce technological achievements brought by Geng Shuo lie in its full-process support, full-system linkage, full-information intelligent collection, and full-scene data insights. The innovative design and efficient operation of such systems not only facilitates the digital transformation of the cross-border e-commerce industry, but also provides better management and decision-making support for more enterprises. The practical application of Geng Shuo’s technical achievements has had a huge impact on the development of the entire cross-border e-commerce industry, enabling cross-border e-commerce enterprises to no longer rely solely on subjective judgment and experience to adjust their business strategies, but rather be able to make sustainable decisions based on the system’s data and analysis results. Geng Shuo’s achievements in the cross-border e-commerce industry have also been unanimously recognized and praised by the mainstream media, who regard him as a leading figure in the industry and an important contributor to the prosperity and innovation of the industry.

As a leader in China’s cross-border e-commerce field, Geng Shuo has driven the digital transformation of the cross-border e-commerce industry with his deep understanding of digital technology and innovative thinking. A series of intelligent cross-border e-commerce management systems developed by him provide enterprises with all-around digital solutions, helping them to improve operational efficiency and expand market share, and injecting new momentum into the development of the industry. Under Geng Shuo’s leadership, China’s cross-border e-commerce industry is ushering in a more prosperous and innovative future.

(Reporter: Liu Peijun)

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