CeraGhost Introduces First Line of Innovative AI-Powered Ceramic Coatings

September 13 18:44 2023

Tampa, FL – Sep 13, 2023 – Ceramic provides a variety of items with a clean, clear and strong protective barrier against damage. Most commonly used on vehicles, CeraGhost is taking the technology to revolutionary new heights and utilizations with the first line of AI-powered ceramic coatings.

CeraGhost manufacturers affordable AI-powered ceramic coatings that protect objects from harmful UV rays, chemicals, weathering, and other types of environmental damage. The coatings decrease surface free energy to minimize cleaning tasks. A recognized leader in ceramic coating technology, the company’s coatings are known worldwide as one of the longest lasting available. CeraGhost ceramic coatings are utilized extensively in the auto, marine, aviation, and industrial arenas.

The company’s processes are environmentally-friendly, conserving water and energy, while minimizing emissions. Depending on the type of object an individual chooses to cover, protection can last non-stop for up to 72 months. The company offers a 9H coating for autos, homes, offices and other facilities.

The company has also introduced its new CeraGhost for glass. a high-performance, nano technology coating for windows. It blocks UV rays and works to protect furnishings from UV damage. Water sheets off for less window cleaning. When used in combination with an IR rejection tint, its effective for reducing indoor temperatures.

Highly versatile and functional, CeraGhost ceramic coatings are also utilized in the home industry within kitchens and bathrooms, along with office spaces, restaurants, warehouses, and exterior structure details The coatings are available exclusively through CeraGhost-approved installers.

CeraGhost’s proprietary formula features a shorter cure time, longer lifespan, and beautifies any surface. The company’s process saves time and money for clients.

The innovative AI-powered ceramic coating by CeraGhost creates an invisible ceramic barrier that preserves, protects and adds value to any surface. The coatings are appropriate for an extensive array of products and surfaces. CeraGhost coatings enhance appearance, while shielding and sheltering clients’ most important investments from damage and harm.

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