MetaBank Makes Quality Assets from Developing Countries Accessible to Everyone

September 07 01:58 2023

As a leading fintech company specialized in RWA, MetaBank is dedicated to increasing the social welfare of developing countries by offering the best class of assets from developing countries to the world with the power of blockchain.

Unlike previous tokenized assets that were only based on trustworthiness of underlying technology, with the top-notch and secured tokenization method, most-wanted assets backed by sovereignty of countries can now be fairly priced and offered to all interested parties in the world, bypassing traditional financial intermediaries and eliminating redundant transaction costs, therefore elevating the level of digital civilization in developing countries. As a service provider, MetaBank has made it possible for developing countries by providing cutting-edge technological solutions.

In this case, sovereign countries are the owners of assets. “Not only the RWA public chain of a country can empower the digitization of domestic economy, but also it creates a tunnel connecting the country with the world. We build decentralized identity system as a digital twin and issue stablecoin, DUSD, to facilitate the economic cycle of RWA and promote assets backed by sovereign countries.” Said Spark Yu, CEO of MetaBank.

Developing countries are in urgent need of alleviating the soaring domestic inflation and overcoming the limitations of resources, which blockchain could be the panacea. The crypto-native market has been dormant since the FTX and LUNA incidents, and those so-called on-chain assets were merely nothing but hype. However, MetaBank generates bona-fide cash flows as a legitimate business. RWA opens the potential of existing capital markets: traditional capital in Web2 is craving for new growth opportunities, and the crypto-native world is waiting for another convincing narrative. A collision of the two may embark a trillion-dollar market incremental that optimizes multilateral economic integration of various countries, and that is why big-names are also frequently spotted in this segment.

With emphasis on developing countries, MetaBank has been devoted to building connections with developing countries in Southeast Asia, Middle East, and North Africa. “We strive to recruit 4 sovereign countries in our network as nodes with a TVL of 1 billion dollars in the next 18 months. We are ambitious, and we are confident.” Added by Spark Yu, “We have a perfect mix in our team, with 60% percent from IBD and 40% from crypto. Compared to crypto-native teams, we know better of how to work with developing countries.”

Developing countries have fallen way behind during the competition of industrialization in the past decades, blockchain-empowered RWA may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for them to catch up in the era of digital civilization. MetaBank is eager to be the booster of prosperity in these countries to promote economic equality and bring more brightest smiles from developing countries to the world.

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