Learn to Touch Type in Just 90 Minutes with KAZ’s Innovative Teaching Method

September 06 10:32 2023
Welcome to KAZ-Type.com, your ultimate destination to master the art of touch typing efficiently and effortlessly. Are you tired of the slow and error-prone typing that hampers your productivity? Look no further! Our cutting-edge touch typing course promises to revolutionize your typing skills in as little as 90 minutes*.

Welcome to KAZ-Type.com, your ultimate destination to master the art of touch typing efficiently and effortlessly. Are you tired of the slow and error-prone typing that hampers your productivity? Look no further! Our cutting-edge touch typing course promises to revolutionize your typing skills in as little as 90 minutes*.

Why KAZ? The Power of Touch Typing

In today’s digital age, where communication and work heavily rely on typing, being a proficient typist is non-negotiable. KAZ offers a comprehensive suite of courses tailored to individuals, educational institutions, and businesses, ensuring that everyone can benefit from the transformative power of touch typing. With a focus on both UK and North American options, we cater to a diverse audience, eliminating geographical barriers.

Unlocking the Potential for Individuals, Education, and Business

Whether you’re an individual striving for enhanced productivity, an educational institution aiming to equip students with an essential skill, or a business looking to optimize workflow, KAZ has you covered. Our specialized products are designed to meet the unique needs of various sectors, including the SEN/Neurodiverse community. From dyslexia and dyspraxia to ADHD and beyond, our tailored courses offer inclusivity and accessibility.

A Glimpse into Our Product Range

  • Touch Typing Qualifications: We take pride in being the only NATIONAL Ofqual regulated touch typing qualification provider, offering both Level 1 and Level 2 certifications. Our qualifications are recognized for their rigor and excellence.
  • Proven Accelerated Learning Method: At the heart of our success is our revolutionary Accelerated Learning teaching method. This approach leverages brain balance and muscle memory, resulting in quicker and more effective skill acquisition.
  • SEN/Dyslexia Edition: Collaborating with the Dyslexia Research Trust, we’ve developed a dedicated edition tailored for individuals with dyslexia and other learning differences. We believe in inclusivity and are committed to leveling the playing field.
  • VI Edition: For the visually impaired and the blind, our VI Edition ensures that touch typing is accessible to everyone, regardless of their challenges.

Testimonials and Recognition

Over one million individuals have chosen KAZ to embark on their journey to proficient touch typing. Our track record speaks volumes. Notably, our method is utilized by the US government entities, integrated into major course providers in the US and UK, and trusted by countless schools, businesses, and individuals across the globe for the past two decades.

Unveiling the KAZ Promise

In a world cluttered with distractions, KAZ stands as a beacon of focused learning. When you choose KAZ, you’re choosing an ad-free, pop-up-free environment. Our commitment to data protection and privacy is unwavering. We do not engage in the sale or solicitation of client data, and we are registered with ICO.org under No: ZA112705.

KAZ’s Impact on Education

Our impact on education is profound and validated. The Open University conducted a year-long study that underscored the effectiveness of KAZ. They were so impressed that they authored a ‘white paper’ and integrated KAZ into the learning journeys of over 90,000 students annually for over 14 years.

Why Choose KAZ? Industry Recognition

KAZ’s excellence has garnered industry recognition:

  • Bett Awards Finalist: At the prestigious Bett Awards, the largest Innovative Technology Education Show worldwide, KAZ’s typing software secured a nomination for a second time in 2019.
  • BESA Membership: Our affiliation with BESA, the trade association for UK’s education suppliers, showcases our commitment to quality and innovation.
  • Naace Approval: Recognized by Naace, the voice of the UK’s education technology community, our expertise is acknowledged on the national and international stage.
  • Teach Secondary Awards 2023 Finalist: Shortlisted for our new innovative VI/Blind edition.
  • EducationToday School & Supplier Awards 2023: Nominated for our inclusive, mainstream and SEND software.

Empowering Through Qualifications

Our collaboration with Open Awards has resulted in the creation of the only National Ofqual Regulated Touch Typing Qualification. Both Level 1 and Level 2 certifications come with 4 and 6 credits respectively.

The Significance of CPD / CE Accreditation

We take pride in offering courses that adhere to the highest standards of best practice. Our business courses, accredited and CPD/CE point-bearing, showcase our commitment to continuous improvement.

Accelerated Learning: The Method That Sets Us Apart

Central to KAZ’s success is our Accelerated Learning teaching method. This innovative approach engages sight, sound, and touch simultaneously, enhancing memory retention and recall. The method’s effectiveness is proven, saving time and amplifying learning outcomes.

The KAZ Experience: Faster, Efficient, Empowering

Our user-centered approach is evident in our methodology. Our tests and surveys have demonstrated that a majority of users master the A-Z keys section in just 90 minutes. While results may vary, KAZ empowers individuals to learn at their own pace. On average, completing the entire course, including the rest of the keyboard, takes around 4 hours plus practice time.

Join the KAZ Revolution Today

Elevate your typing skills to new heights with KAZ’s proven teaching method. Experience the joy of efficient touch typing and unlock a world of opportunities. With an average customer rating of 5/5 and independent product ratings based on 14 reviews, our impact is undeniable.

In Conclusion

Choosing KAZ means choosing excellence, innovation, and empowerment. Our accolades, partnerships, and proven results speak for themselves. Take the first step toward becoming a touch typing virtuoso with KAZ. More information can be found at https://kaz-type.com

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