Home Remodeling Services Deliver Multiple Benefits For Property Owners

July 06 14:34 2022
Home Remodeling Services Deliver Multiple Benefits For Property Owners
A trusted Boston contractor can make homes safer, comfortable, and more valuable.

Unite Contractors proudly provides bath and kitchen remodeling services in Boston, and basement finishing. With over 25 years of experience creating positive results all over New England, homeowners can rely on the professional services offered at highly competitive rates.

Home remodeling is an excellent investment for many reasons. It increases the overall comfort and livability of the property, often lowers energy bills, and can reduce annual maintenance costs. 

When individuals or families undergo lifestyle changes, a home renovation accommodates their current and future needs. If a kitchen is easier to use, people spend less on restaurants and dining because they have the tools to make meals at home.

Home renovation projects boost the resale value, create more equity, and bring older properties up to code. Unite Contractors focuses on three critical areas of this equation. 

Kitchen Remodeling Contractor in Boston

Kitchens provide one of the most essential spaces in the home. It’s where families gather, friends mingle, and meals get made. Depending on the setup, it could be where homework gets finished or people play games together.

If a kitchen doesn’t adequately serve individual needs, investing in a remodeling project makes sense. Not only will it become a better space to use in the home, but it also pays the homeowner back with equity or value gains.

Here are some of the benefits that often come when our clients invest in kitchen remodeling services in Boston. 

1) Save Money. When homes are stuck with inefficient or outdated appliances, lighting, and fixtures, it’s not uncommon for homeowners to pay more in utility costs. If a kitchen is more than ten years old, the cost savings that come from water- and energy-efficient designs could cut those expenses dramatically

2) Sell Faster. The kitchen is one of the first rooms prospective buyers see when shopping for a new home in Boston. When investing in a comfortable and updated space, it often helps to speed up the bidding process. It might even create an offer that comes over the property’s asking price.

3) More Time. Cooking in an older kitchen takes more time because it requires homeowners to use outdated technology. A remodeling project can increase storage space, remove clutter, and provide a safe style that promotes more efficient use. 

Kitchens get their character by using a customized approach. The materials, textures, and colors create opportunities to add charm, functionality, and style in unique ways. Working with an experienced remodeling contractor in Boston ensures that high-quality results develop from this investment.

Unite Contractors provides exceptional services and competitive offers, with expert advice available for every step of the project. 

Bath Remodeling Services in Boston

Bath remodels in Boston incorporate numerous moving parts into a relatively small space compared to the rest of the home. Adding water to that environment creates additional complications since a leak could cause significant damage.

The best way to begin a bathroom renovation is to set a budget and create a plan. Once a concept gets formed, Unite Contractors delivers the results homeowners need to produce a space that serves them for years to come. 

Homes with high-quality bathrooms often sell for more, especially when paired with a newly renovated kitchen. Boston homeowners must have baths that are durable, strong, and made with high-quality materials. 

Here are the current areas of focus when updating the bathroom in homes today.

1) Improved Faucet and Shower Designs. Standing in a bathtub or letting gallons of water run into the sink is no longer necessary. Technology advancements can automate fixtures while avoiding waste. Smart showers know a person’s preferred shower temperature and can play a preferred playlist or podcast.

2) Heating Systems. Today’s bathroom renovations can include an under-floor heating system that works with tile, concrete, vinyl, or wood. This asset reduces allergen exposure while keeping noise levels to a minimum.

3) Safety Features. With over 200,000 people experiencing fall incidents in bathrooms each year, a remodeling project can include several safety features. Bars, benches, and non-slip additions are common ways to add enjoyment to this space without worrying about slipping.

Neutral colors are popular in bathrooms today, with cream, beige, and white leading the way. Homeowners can choose combinations of bold or contrasting tones to personalize the space while keeping mildew growth at bay. 

Older Boston homes benefit from a bath remodeling project by adding ventilation and replacing outdated features. 

The signs of an outdated bathroom include having one sink only, obsolete colors, mildew issues, leaks in the shower or around the tub caulking, a poor layout, unsafe lighting conditions, and minimal storage.

Even if a bathroom served a family’s needs before, those requirements change as more people require service. After the kids move out, additional renovations can help this space remain productive.

Unite Contractors strives to correct these issues quickly and efficiently while offering highly competitive quotes for the greater Boston area.

Basement Finishing in Boston

Basements can be productive living spaces for Boston homeowners. Instead of using this area for storage or laundry, it can be turned into a room limited only by one’s imagination.

Unite Contractors advises clients to focus on cost and the final look when remodeling a basement. This space can be turned into virtually anything desired, but it can also contribute to a home’s overall value. 

“I hired their services for a basement remodeling project, and I am very impressed with their professionalism and quality of work,” said Ameya Shendye, a client of Unite Contractors. “During the pandemic time, they followed safe practices at work. The guys are very knowledgeable and made recommendations keeping both the budget and our requirements in mind. Very reliable and professional company – highly recommend.”

Even a homeowner on a restricted budget can work with Unite Contractors to find several potential update options. 

Several advantages may develop with an investment in basement finishing. 

1) Usable Square Footage. A finished basement can be turned into a home gym, a playroom, an entertainment space, or a home office. It can even become a more comfortable spot to manage laundry and storage if that’s what a family or homeowner needs.

2) Energy Cost Savings. One of the most significant unknown financial burdens people pay involves an unfinished basement. It needs air conditioning in the summer, extra heat in the winter, and ongoing waterproofing management. Finishing this space seals it up tight, putting money back into pockets.

3) Income Opportunities. A basement finishing project can help create an apartment that comes complete with a kitchen or kitchenette area and a bathroom. With an alternative entry, it can become a rental area, a mother-in-law suite, guest space, or used for similar purposes.

4) Property Value Improvement. Adding usable square footage to a Boston home allows it to be sold at a higher price. The money that gets put into this project often comes back to homeowners at the time of sale. Although upfront costs are necessary to update this space, it comes with added comfort and convenience until it’s time to cash out that extra value. 

Finished basements add value to Boston properties by creating more space, especially when zoning codes won’t allow for other additions. It might not be possible to expand upward, but an existing unfinished room delivers a more functional space without interference.

Whether a home is filled with noisy activities or needs more size, a basement finishing project is a worthwhile investment because it makes the property more functional.

Why Choose a General Contractor for These Renovation Projects?

Unite Contractors offers more than 25 years of experience helping remodel kitchens, bathrooms, and basements. Although homeowners can tackle these projects themselves, hiring a general contractor comes with several benefits.

Projects are often completed faster when a contractor is involved. DIY work often happens when free time is available, and many Boston families are finding less of that resource. Unite Contractors offers competitive quotes and fair pricing without any hidden costs.

Many kitchen, bath, and basement projects require different specialties. Unite Contractors brings in the right people for the job, ensuring that an experienced team takes on the renovation project.

A general contractor ensures each project meets current code requirements, sticks to the renovation budget, and often saves money in the long run by offering high-quality services.

With home prices skyrocketing, now is the perfect time to consider renovating a home to maximize its space and value. Unite Contractors serves Boston and the greater region to ensure a homeowner’s vision turns into reality with no hassle. 

About the Company

Unite Contractors is a Boston general contractor, providing in-house professional services that include kitchen and bathroom remodeling, basement finishing, and other interior or exterior renovation needs. 

Our goal is to bring each home to the next level of comfort and care. We serve residential and commercial properties, offering free quotes and project consultations.

More information about Unite Contractors is available at https://unitecontractors.com

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