CD Genomics Launches NGS Panel Website for Targeted Sequencing of Disease-related Genes

August 29 09:26 2020
CD Genomics recently announced the launch of its new website with brand new product and service ranges and easy-access custom design.

New York, USA – August 28, 2020 – CD Genomics, an innovative sequencing and genotyping company, recently announced the launch of its new website with brand new product and service ranges and easy-access custom design.

Gene Panel is an invaluable tool to analyze parallel gene expression for disease-associated mutations. Among them, next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies are perhaps the most widely used approaches, which can analyze genetic mutations of large sample-size projects and facilitate research on human well-being. In the meantime, some non-NGS technologies may offer alternations for gene panel with a much more affordable price.

CD Genomics Disease Panel is a one-stop destination for kinds of sequencing and reagents needs. Their catalog features hundreds of products such as Ready-to-Use NGS Panel for oncology, genetic disorder, genotyping, pathogen infections, Custom Panel Product and Non-NGS Panel, which can promote researchers’ disease research, biomarker discovery, molecular diagnostic application and targeted drug development.

The newly launched website also features updated service descriptions and details, and a new Resource page. The services range from Predesigned NGS Panel for cancer, inherited disease, pathogens and pharmacogenomics testing, Tumor Mutational Burden Analysis, Custom NGS Panel, to Non-NGS Panel, for example, MassARRAY, Multiplex SNaPshot, Multiplex Ligation-Dependent Probe Amplification and ARMS-PCR for Sequence Variation Analysis. Moreover, customers searching for a new addition to the backyard can decide between the listed items and others.

“CD Genomics can quickly respond to customers’ primers design or probes determination requirements. The accumulation of each measurement ensures a shorter turnaround time. Their comprehensive quality control and verification ensure the accuracy of results. I’d like to recommend the appropriate technology for gene-targeted detection to other researchers or institutions.” Said by a client, Jonson Smith.

The company has an Illumina platform for variant detection. Multiple disease-related genes and regions of interest can be detected in a single assay. CD Genomics is a professional sequencing company with extensive experience in detecting genetic mutations such as SNPs, indels, copy number variations, and DNA methylation.

About CD Genomics

CD Genomics enjoys a high reputation for sequencing, microarray analysis, library construction and genotyping, providing reliable services to pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies as well as academia and government agencies. Based on rich experience in targeted sequencing, CD Genomics has developed a specialized platform for targeted sequencing of disease-related genes to accelerate research on disease pathogenesis, disease identification, biomarker discovery, targeted drug development, etc. CD Genomics offers predesigned NGS panels, which include a designed library of targeted sequencing, as well as a custom panel that allows customers to select genes of interest to design their own sequencing panels.

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