New Book Reveals How to Cope with Ever Changing Emotions during Covid-19

May 08 02:12 2020
8 Billion People hit by Corona Virus. Billions Emotionally Drained!

BALTIMORE, MD – May 7th, 2020 – The current global population is close to about 8 billion people and there is not a single soul standing that is or will be spared from the emotional toll from Covid-19. The current focus has been heavily tilted towards the economic impact and rightly so because that is the area which public health officials can easily quantify their progress but the sober truth is that many more may die from the emotional impact from Covid-19 than directly from the Covid-19 illness.

Somewhere in the range of about 80 percent of patients admitted to a hospital cardiac unit with an admitting diagnosis of chest pain have no medical issues. I worked as a chaplain in a local hospital’ cardiac unit for years and that has been my experience. I have sat with thousands of patients who were admitted for chest pain and after they were cleared medically, then I ask them if they had experienced any recent crises and about 80 percent responded in the affirmative. They are either in a crises, coming out of a crises or getting into a crises. This may be true for most of us unless you may living in cave or some other planet. The actual causation that triggered the illness is emotional issues and not medical issues.

In an article published by Jennifer Graham-Engeland, an associate professor at Pennsylvania State University, titled, “How do our emotions affect our immune response?” and published on website, says that “Many studies have shown that chronic exposure to stress, anxiety and negative moods generally affect health to a large extent.”

The global level of fear, loneliness as a direct result of quarantine, anxiety, stress, depression, stoke and suicidal thoughts is unprecedented. 30 million Americans have lost their jobs in the last 30 days alone, 63 thousand dead and those numbers are showing no sign of abating. There is emotional turmoil related to Covic-19 illness, joblessness, potential job losses. The world is emotionally bankrupt. The globe is engulfed in unprecedented emotional turmoil and this may trigger a host medical issues that may leave many hospitalized and many more killed than those killed by the Corona virus if left unchecked.

Coincidentally, I authored a game changing book titled, “Understanding and overcoming your emotional issues,” and this book tackles all your ever changing emotions during the Covid-19 era and beyond.  Available on Barns and Noble, Amazon and wherever  books are sold globally.

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